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Michael Lis

Chemist - E Ink Corporation

Originally from Needham, MA, I received my BSE from Cornell University in Materials Science and Engineering. My current research focuses on the mechanism of transport and structure-activity relationships of guanidine-rich protein transduction domain mimics (PTDMs) and synthetic mimics of antimicrobial peptides (SMAMPs), using phospholipid membranes as a model for polymer interaction with cell membranes. One such (ongoing) project uses fluorescent dye release experiments to understand the kinetics and structure-activity relationships of PTDM transport across phospholipid membrane models of human cells.

I was awarded a fellowship from The Institute of Cellular Engineering IGERT program here at UMass. The ICE IGERT program is a joint collaboration between Polymer Science, Chemical Engineering, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, and several other departments designed to make UMass a center of cellular engineering research.

In addition to the fantastic research program here, I was drawn back to my home state by the maple syrup and candlepin bowling. Plus, it's beautiful out here!