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Carmen Covelli

Technical Fellow - DuPont

When considering my experience as a PSE student, one event that clearly stands out was presenting at my first meeting (ACS).  Preparing the presentation and actually presenting and getting direct feedback and follow up discussion was an amazing experience.  The process of making the jumble of work into a story that I was excited about sharing was a great learning experience.  I feel so blessed to have had a brilliant and caring advisor like Prof. Richard Farris and an exceptional teacher like Prof. Michael Malone, as my co-advisor.

I interviewed on campus within the PSE department.  Ultimately, my project was funded by the Air Force.  DuPont was a subcontractor and the review meetings provided a great opportunity to network that ultimately led to an interview and job offer.

In 1987, I hired into the DuPont Fibers Department in R&D where I worked on composite materials.  I have had several roles in my career in Research and Development, Technical Service, Product Development, Project Management and Technology Management for materials ranging from composites for aerospace to apparel fabrics.

I am proud to be a PSE graduate, and it's exciting to see the growth and changes in the department.  Ultimately, I loved getting to meet the students when I come back for recruiting in behalf of DuPont.  On my most recent visit, it was fantastic to see the faculty and I thoroughly enjoyed touring Prof McCarthy's labs.