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Watkins and Winter groups publish in Macromolecules

Long-Range Lamellar Alignment in Diblock Bottlebrush Copolymers via Controlled Oscillatory Shear was recently published by Benjamin M. Yavitt*, Huafeng Fei*, Gayathri Kopanati*, Ruipeng Li, Masafumi Fukuto, H. Henning Winter* and James J. Watkins* in Macromolecules. Controlled shear is presented to achieve well-ordered nanostructures in microphase-separated diblock bottlebrush copolymers (dbBB) for potential opportunities in nanotechnology that require large grain sizes and directed orientation. The unique architecture and relaxation processes of dbBBs offer a pathway to enhanced dynamic ordering and reorientation over macroscopic scales.


April 22, 2020