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Watkins and Katsumata Groups publish in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces

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Ayush Bhardwaj*, James Nicolas Pagaduan*, Yong-Guen Yu*, Vincent J. Einck*, Sravya Nuguri*, Reika Katsumata*, and James J. Watkins* have published a paper entitled "Large-Pore Ordered Mesoporous Turbostratic Carbon Films Prepared Using Rapid Thermal Annealing for High-Performance Micro-pseudocapacitors" in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. The ultrafast heating rate in rapid thermal annealing (RTA), which only takes just a few seconds to reach temperatures as high as 1200 °C, has been leveraged to reduce the carbonization time drastically without destroying the ordered porous structure of carbon. Porous carbon prepared exhibited exceptionally high areal and volumetric capacitances of 6.3 mF/cm2 and 126 F/cm3 with superior cycling life. The use of RTA coupled with Brush block copolymer templating opens avenues for scalable, rapid fabrication of high-performance carbon-based micro-pseudocapacitors.


January 24, 2022