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Thiol-Ene Step-Growth as a Versatile Route to Functional Polymer

A communication by Joel M. Sarapas and Gregory N. Tew published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

The thiol-ene reaction has been widely used in the field of polymer science for decades, primarily as a network generation and polymer functionalization tool.  In this communication, we demonstrate the utility of this reaction to generate functional, linear polymers capable of undergo selective redox-tuning via the thioether inherent to this method.  We target materials containing a main-chain carbonate, main-chain zwitterion, or side-chain diol, though the possible breadth of this platform is nearly infinite.  Due to the air, water, and functional group tolerance of this reaction, the thiol-ene step-growth polymerization is a strong addition to the functional polymer synthetic toolbox.


November 30, 2016