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Surachate Kalasin to be Presented with the Peebles Award

Santore Research Group member and Ph.D. candidate Surachate (Po) Kalasin has won the Peebles Award for Graduate Student Research in Adhesion Science. The Peebles Award is based on abstracts submitted as contributions for the Annual Meeting. Surachate Kalasin will receive the award at the upcoming February 2008 National Meeting of the Adhesion Society, for his paper, "Controlling the Dynamic Motion Signature of Micron-Scale Particles using Surfaces with Nanometer-Scale Features."

For more information about this award, please visit the Adhesion Society at http://www.adhesionsociety.org/Awards/student_awards.htm.

To view more information about Surachate Kalasin and the Santore Research Group, please visit, http://www.pse.umass.edu/~msantore/index.html

December 5, 2007