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A Statement from the PSE Dept Head and Climate Advisory Committee

To our PSE and UMass Community:

We all look with horror and heightened awareness to tragedies that have fallen on Black Americans in recent times due to inexcusable and widespread racism, injustice, and intolerance. We must more effectively address issues of systemic racism and injustice that permeate society.  

In PSE, we have a vision: a diverse and inclusive environment in which world-class researchers are trained and mentored by faculty and staff members that are representative of society as a whole. We can only accomplish this mission by increasing underrepresented and underserved populations. With regards to PSE and the greater scientific community, Black lives matter and always will.

PSE must ensure that everyone is treated with utmost dignity and respect, while addressing explicit and implicit biases. Racism will not be tolerated. A lack of respect for others and their ideas will not be tolerated. Our standards for equity must be held to the highest level.

We have a responsibility as an institution of higher learning to lead our community. We know that we not only provide employment for our students, faculty, and staff, but also influence the values of all who enter our doors.

We need to be at the forefront of reform so that all underrepresented minorities have a voice. Words of support are not enough. As an immediate first step, the Climate Advisory Committee is reviewing further actionable items that should be undertaken to improve our community. We eagerly seek additional representatives from our faculty, staff, and students to participate and bring forward their perspectives.

We will move forward and ask you to join us in building a better and more equitable STEM community.

We believe that Black lives matter.




David A. Hoagland, Department Head of Polymer Science & Engineering


Gregory N. Tew, Graduate Program Director


Climate Advisory Committee of Polymer Science & Engineering:

Allen Chang (Chair), Todd Emrick, Ken Carter, Alan Lesser, David Waldman, Jennifer Green, Abhiram Reddy, Huyen Vu, Hazel Davis, Brandon Stuntebeck

June 5, 2020