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Russell Group recently published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.

Tengfei Li, Yao Wu*, Jiadong Zhou, Mengyang Li, Jingnan Wu, Qin Hu*, Boyu Jia, Xiran Pan, Maojie Zhang, Zheng Tang, Zengqi Xie, Thomas P. Russell*, and Xiaowei Zhan recently published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. A series of fused-ring electron acceptors (FREAs) were designed and synthesized using a bottom-up approach. The NOIC series shares the same end groups and side chains, as well as similar fused-ring cores. The butterfly effects, arising from different methoxy positions in the starting materials, impact the design of the final FREAs, as well as their molecular packing, optical and electronic properties, charge transport, film morphology, and performance of organic solar cells. The binary-blend devices based on this NOIC series show power conversion efficiencies varying from 7.15% to 14.1%, due to the different intrinsic properties of the NOIC series, morphologies of blend films, and voltage losses of devices.



November 17, 2020