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Russell Group recently published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Tengfei Li, Langxuan Yang, Yao Wu*, Jiayu Wang, Boyu Jia, Qin Hu*,Thomas P. Russell* and Xiaowei Zhan recently published in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Three fused-ring electron acceptors (FXIC-1, FXIC-2, and FXIC3) were designed and synthesized with different steric structures of fluorene, bifluorenylidene, and spirobifluorene. The conformations of the FXIC series have little impact on the optical and electrochemical properties but significantly influence the molecular packing, film morphology, and electron mobilities, leading to the better performance of 1D FXIC-1 in binary-blend cells and similar positive impact on ternary-blend cells.


May 13, 2020