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Reika Katsumata - 2023 ACS Polymers Au Rising Star in Polymers

Reika Katsumata ACS Au Polymers Rising Star 2023

Reika Katsumata is recognized as one of the 2023 ACS Polymers Au Rising Stars in Polymers!  ACS Polymers Au notes that, in her research, Professor Katsumata is as "aspiring to redefine size effects, the goal is to establish universal design rules for soft/hard interfaces, transcending material classes.”  Professor Katsumata’s article for this issue is titled “Intermediate Polymer Relaxation Explains the Anomalous Rheology of Nanocomposites with Ultrasmall Attractive POSS Nanoparticles”. This paper was written with group member and recent graduate Walter Young.




February 28, 2024