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M. Muthukumar's article on Polyelectrolytes is selected as ACS Editors Choice

In addition to being published in Macromolecules, M. Muthukumar's article A Perspective on Polyelectrolyte Solutions is featured on the cover and is included in the ACS Editors choice 50th Anniversary Perspectives.

About the Cover:

Starting from the beginning of life billions of years ago and until the continuing era of advanced health care technologies, polyelectrolytes have exhibited tremendous capacity to endow a large variety of self-organized structures and functions. This cover depicts the various conceptual issues responsible for such rich polyelectrolyte behavior: chain connectivity, charges on the polymer, counterions, salt ions, excluded volume effects, hydrogen bonding, and structure of water. A fundamental understanding of the relation between these concepts and the collective behavior of polyelectrolytes continues as an active field of research.


January 3, 2018