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M. Muthukumar publishes new textbook on polyelectrolyte physics

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"The material is tailored to beginning graduate students, and the author's style gently captures the mathematical sophistication required, while never losing sight of the underlying physics. This book represents the first comprehensive pedagogical overview of the field, and even experts can learn much from its treatment." Tim Lodge, University of Minnesota 

"This book will be essential reading for anyone interested in charged polymers, including biomolecules such as intrinsically disordered proteins and nucleic acids. 
A wonderful resource for bridging the gap between polymer physics and the biomolecular sciences." Ben Schuler, University of Zurich 

Charged molecules percolate all aspects of our modern lives including food, health care, and water-based technologies. As a concise introduction to the physics of charged macromolecules, this book covers the basics of electrostatics as well as cutting-edge modern research developments. This accessible book provides a clear and intuitive view of concepts and theory, and features appendices detailing mathematical methodology. Supported by results from real-world experiments and simulations, this book equips the reader with a vital foundation for performing experimental research. Topics include living matter and synthetic materials including polyelectrolytes, polyzwitterions, polyampholytes, proteins, intrinsically disordered proteins, and DNA/RNA. Serving as a gateway to the growing field of charged macromolecules and their applications, this concept-driven book is a perfect guide for students beginning their studies in charged macromolecules, providing new opportunities for research and discovery. 

This book was published by the Cambridge University Press.

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March 29, 2023