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Katsumata & Emrick Group publishes in ACS Nano

James Nicolas Pagaduan,* Nicholas Hight-Huf, Avdhoot Datar, Yehiel Nagar, Michael Barnes, Doron Naveh, Ashwin Ramasubramaniam, Reika Katsumata,* and Todd Emrick* recently published in ACS Nano a paper entitled, Electronic Tuning of Monolayer Graphene with Polymeric “Zwitterists. This paper describes the impact of zwitterion chemistry on work function modulation of monolayer graphene by investigating a series of sulfobetaine-based random copolymer ultrathin films with increasing steric footprint in contact with the 2D material. Covalent attachment of a photo-crosslinker into the polymer structure enabled the first successful lithographic patterning of solution-processable negative-tone “zwitterists” for non-covalent electronic modification of graphene. This zwitterionic polymer design holds promise for advancing the role of polymers in fine-tuning 2D materials electronics.


February 3, 2021