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Channel 25 Boston features Jim Watkins & Research on Biosensors

Jim was featured on Fox 25 Boston on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 regarding his research on biosensors.

This news story was based on the Boston Globe article,  "UMass patch would spot stressed-out soldiers” by Naila Moreira.

Research in the Watkins and Carter groups and others in the NSF Center for Hierarchal Manufacturing (CHM) is featured in a Boston Globe article about how nanotechnology is being applied in developing cost-effective body sensor patches to measure stress in military personnel.  The project on the sensor patches, in collaboration with the Rotello and Nugen Groups at UMass, GE and US AFRL, is sponsored by the Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium, an industry organization.   The electronic structures are meant to be small enough to fit into a Band-Aid size device, and so compact and materials-pliable that it will not interfere with the patch’s flexibility. The project is part of a larger initiative spurred by the CHM to create fully capable printed devices that utilize nanotechnology.  A new $46M grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Council will enable the construction of a new facility to develop, scale and demonstrate roll-to-roll manufacturing of these and other printed devices.

Click here to view the Channel 25 video.

Click here to view the Boston Globe article.

August 8, 2014