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August 2022

Todd Emrick and Tom Russell at ACS Symposium

The 2022 ACS Fall Meeting included a symposium in recognition of Tom Russell's profound impact in polymer science. The symposium "Polymer Self-Assembly & Interfaces: Symposium Honoring Thomas P Russell's Career in Polymer Science"... Read More...

August 31, 2022
McCarthy research image

A paper by Yan Cong*, Zhaoxia Li*, Pei Bian* and Thomas J. McCarthy* was recently published in Macromolecules. This paper, entitled Isomeric Silicones: Reactive Phenylsilsesquioxane-based MT Resins and Comments Concerning the Structure... Read More...

August 8, 2022
Soft matter image

A paper entitled "Bond strength regime dictates stress relaxation behavior" has just been published in Soft Matter by Ipek Sacligil,* Christopher W. Barney,* Alfred J. Crosby* and Gregory N. Tew*. This work utilizes in situ crosslinked... Read More...

August 8, 2022