PSE Polymer Science And Engineering Department
Combining nearly 200 scientists and students with $20 million in instrumentation, the PSE department has become one of the largest and most well-known academic center for polymer research in the world. The department topped the U.S. News and World Report survey for Graduate Polymer programs across the nation. Over 350 Ph.D.'s have been awarded in the department's 30+ year history.

Center for UMass / Industry Research on Polymers
The oldest National Science Foundation established Industry / University Cooperative    Research Center (NSF-I/UCRC), since 1980, has evolved into a dynamic Center program. CUMIRP's mission is to act as a crossroads where the University Research and Education meet with Industrial and Government partners in polymer science and engineering at UMass.

MRSEC Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
The MRSEC, established in August 1994 under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation, supports fundamental research in polymer science and engineering and related fields. This center is a continuation of the Materials Research Laboratory awarded by the NSF in 1974.

Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing
The University of Massachusetts Amherst has established the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing (CHM) through a five-year, $16 million grant from the National Science Foundation, with the mission to move nanotechnology from laboratory innovation to manufacturable components and devices. The CHM's research focus is Nanoscale Manufacturing: tools and processes for fabricating engineered nanoscale materials and particles, and assembling and integrating them into larger-scale structures, devices, and systems. Focus areas include additive driven assembly, self-assembly and nanoimprint lithography, all on roll-to-roll process platforms.

EFRC Energy Frontier Research Center
The University of Massachusetts Amherst hosts a DOE-funded Energy Frontier Research Center, Polymer-based materials for Harvesting Solar Energy (PHaSE). Initial five-year funding of PHaSE totals $16 million.
PHaSE’s technical focus is on basic research underpinning the conversion of the sun's energy into electrical power, using polymer-based and related composite materials. The research plan integrates the experimental and theoretical expertise of 17 faculty members from four different departments at the University with that of partner investigators from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, the University of Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania State University. PHaSE has international collaborations with universities in Germany, Korea and Japan, and collaborates with researchers at several DOE laboratories, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Konarka Technologies, Inc., a Massachusetts-based industrial leader in polymer-based photovoltaic devices.

The Amherst campus has many other Departments active in polymers. The nature of their polymer research is from the perspective of the departmental discipline. This site provides links to those Colleges and Departments as well. In addition, we have provided links for Industry programs in polymers at the University with information about various campus organizations and offices that assist them.

If you are interested in Education in the Polymer Science and Engineering field, check out the Polymer Science and Engineering program at UMass, Amherst. If you are unsure about any information or where to go at UMass regarding Polymers on the Amherst campus, contact us on the CUMIRP page. You can also send an email to